Welcome to Al Noor Insurance Brokers!!

Al Noor Insurance Brokers (AIB) is the first Insurance Broker in Qatar. AIB provides advice, guidance and choice on a range of Risk Management services, Insurance Products, Vehicle Services and Home Assists.

At AIB, we not only "Know Insurance", but we know how to make it easy for our valued clients.

We understand the client’s business and understand the risks associated with each function of the client’s business. Assess the approach and ability of the clients in managing their risk. Our scope of services includes customization of insurance policies, renewals, risk managements and claims assistance.



Only AL NOOR IB can serve your vehicle with all its needs. We are the best companion for your passion car. We can provide you the off-shore insurance that many insurance companies cannot provide you.

According to Qatar Law, all vehicles must be registered annually and once they are three years old they must pass an annual inspection in order to renew the vehicle's registration (Istimara). The test is intended to ensure that vehicles on the road are roadworthy and safe to drive.

As a result, to make our client stress-free, we provide the following extravagant services for your vehicles:

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Traffic Violation Clearance
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Our knowledgeable and helpful professionals are available for you to review and discuss your quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 8000333 (Toll free), as your insurance and services needs are our concern.

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